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Twitterfall of the Post Craft session

sallyent Great to see / meet @jamesb , @andy_huntington and michael eden to talk about craft at #futr  

peterjemms Great panel discussion about the 'future of craft' this afternoon, interesting thoughts on the low level of collaboration involved. 

me_backwards Are we in a 'Post Craft' and 'Post Digital' stage?

kirstie_b Interesting... RT @CraftsCouncilUK When does a craft become a trade? Good question... Are makers tradespeople?
Asked by a cabinetmaker 

aden_76 RT @mcrartgallery: Michael Eden's work, #futr via @ < bottom right example includes lasercut QR code

annlytical Huntington: much rather create things ppl can readily buy than concentrate on scalling/selling coprod into design process

CraftsCouncilUK Thanks for feedback! “@zoeanddrew: RT @CraftsCouncilUK: Is the Internet making it more viable and easier to be a maker? #futr<Definately”

CraftsCouncilUK Yep, we agree! “@mcrartgallery: Michael Eden's work, #futr via @martingrimes

aden_76 'When does a craft become a trade?' accreditation required? Member of the Master Cupcake Knitters Guild?

CraftsCouncilUK When does a craft become a trade? Good question... Are makers tradespeople? Asked by a cabinetmaker

CraftsCouncilUK  Ceramics = generous community, sharing glaze recipes - but don't steal them, run with it and grow it - then share it back

angiebual  One for you: @TillyVanilly - @jamesb talking about craft: selling and sharing patterns is the logical next step

mcrartgallery Michael Eden's work, amazing. #futr via @martingrimes

annlytical Eden: don't just take the recipe, run with it and make it your own and put it back #futr5 hours ago CraftsCouncilUK Michael Eden - bigging up our Firing Up scheme - building skills in schools is essential - not just for careers but for life skills

aden_76 Matthew Crawford' @jamesb has a Freudian/Frank Spencer moment?

annlytical Question for post craft panel: does visual, digital storytelling play a role in skills dev for craft? i.e. tutorials on YouTube

annlytical Huntington: perverse make something physical with hands but "perversely appropriate" 

ago aden_76 RT @rjbirkin: @jamesb demos new Rattle project #futr < design by @andrewpendrick ;)

CraftsCouncilUK Testing, iterative processes, more analogies between craft and code #futr Folksy also seeing speed to market & questions/tensions re scale

zoeanddrew RT @CraftsCouncilUK: Is the Internet making it more viable and easier to be a maker? #futr <Definately

annlytical JBoardwell: we're trying to incorporate comments onto product pages... to test ideas and iterate quickly #futr

martingrimes Michael Eden's work, amazing. #futr #magstaff

NatashaCarolan Post craft: much output is 'opportunism' I do because I can, not because I should. 

mcrartgallery We're in the Geocities of things at the moment, not the internet of things #futr via @martingrimes 

CraftsCouncilUK Using online tutorials to learn skills, make work, take to market - sites like Folksy leading the way for wider community of makers

NatashaCarolan Post craft: What is good retail practice in new manufacturing? Filtering, localism, curation 

NatashaCarolan  'local global brands' #futr 'post craft'

NatashaCarolan  #futr post craft : what about the 'spectacle' of making, participation as a consumer experience? 

neilclavin "voxels" word of the day - michael eden

NatashaCarolan #futr 'post craft' it's about localism, distributed manufacture, distribution

annlytical AHuntington: i learnt more from those (anyone can learn anything, digital) systems that I did at school 

topfife I like the idea of whittling pixels.

PastaPaul Now time for 'Post Craft' ...what craft can learn from digital behaviours... 

annlytical AHuntington: ppl would be annoyed if model of going to shop and buying stuff went away 

CraftsCouncilUK Practical ways to engage with local and global marketplaces definately easier, cheaper, faster - but not necessarily the making itself 

annlytical JBoardwell 3D printer role in postcraft over-hyped #futr << yup. i wrote one of those articles

CraftsCouncilUK UK Is the Internet making it more viable and easier to be a maker?

CraftsCouncilUK  Michael Eden - talk of 'post craft' is b*****ks - use tools and materials where appropriate and relevant

annlytical  panel on postcraft is skeptical of it, and postdigital too

samscam "post-craft is bollocks"

CraftsCouncilUK  #futr What is post craft? Not moving on from traditional skills, just using, and learning new tools. 

annlytical post craft panel now at #futr

quadrophobiac "We're in the geocities of things" - @andy_huntington: I lol'd

martingrimes We're in the Geocities of things at the moment, not the internet of things #futr #magstaff

bashford The Geocities of Things

aden_76 'The geocities of things' where we currently are with the Internet of things. @Andy_Huntington 

CraftsCouncilUK ....because as Michael says, desire to make things is hardwired into the human psyche #futr Michael Eden, we salute you!

NatashaCarolan  'We are in the geocities of things rather than the IoT' #futr by CraftsCouncilUK Crafts Council UK Michael Eden - data visualisation made in Marshall Islands 100 years ago - fibre, shells, wave patterns 

NatashaCarolan  'Post craft' by @andy_huntington