post craft

About Post Craft: Post Craft was a panel session in the 2011 Future Everything Conference. This site just pulls together all the to-ing and fro-ing of the session.

Panel session information according to Future Everything...

"In an increasingly post-digital world, there is a move towards a pre-industrial landscape. Eased by global connectivity, cottage industries are sprouting up everywhere. People are creating their own products, services, and art. They are rediscovering the satisfaction of creating a tangible product, the process of making, the lessons from making by hand.

This session brings together four people working at the edge of craft — a leading practitioner in modern ceramics, a design researcher, an interaction designer and a curator — to look at what craft can learn from digital behaviours, and the lessons it has to offer.

Session presented by Andy Huntington, James Boardwell, Michael Eden and Sally Fort"